Scrubbin Buddies Cleaning Svc., LLC. - Deep Clean
Scrubbin Buddies Cleaning Service, LLC. - Established in 2005
Deep Cleaning Services

(Deep and Initial Cleanings-
we currently do not offer Move In/Move Out Cleanings)
In addition to Routine Cleaning tasks, we can also:
Sweep out garage
Wipe all doors (both sides)
Wipe all baseboards and casings
Wipe out all cabinets in kitchen/bathrooms
Bugs removed from light fixtures
Mantles, ledges
Inside kitchen appliances (stove, refrigerator)
Change burnt out standard light bulbs
Clean behind stove and fridge
Vacuum fridge coils in back/underneath
Replace drip pans
Clean inside of windows
Vacuum out window tracks
Clean blinds
Vacuum out floor vents
Wash dishes
*If there is a task you'd like us to complete that is not on this list- let us know and we will try to accommodate*

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