Scrubbin Buddies Cleaning Svc., LLC. - Routine Clean
Scrubbin Buddies Cleaning Service, LLC. - Established in 2005
Routine Cleaning
Living Areas/Bedrooms, Etc.
Furniture dusted
Electronics dusted
Banisters dusted
Glass/mirrors/pictures and frames dusted
Lamp shades dusted
Window Ledges
Outside of light fixtures
Light switches/faceplates
Inside/Outside storm door and sliding glass doors
Top of furniture vacuumed (couches,etc.)
Wipe top of washer/dryer down
All floors swept, mopped, vacuumed
Wood floors cleaned
Mats/rugs vacuumed
Empty trash
Inside/outside commode
Wipe down all counter tops/sinks
Cabinet exterior wiped down
Towel rack/toilet paper dispenser dusted
*also other applicable cleaning from list above
Wipe down all counter tops
Outside of all appliances
Inside of microwave
Washing dishes is not included.  Please have sink empty upon arrival or an extra charge will apply.
*also other applicable cleaning from list above
Don't see what your looking for here?  Check out our Deep Cleaning Services page.
*Baseboards (floorboards)/doors/casings/blinds are a Deep Cleaning task and require additional charge*

Sorry- we do not clean cat boxes or pick up pet excrement/vomit

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